Fitness & Wellness Programs

Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy. That requires more exercise, better nutrition and less stress. Fortunately, most Baptist facilities include a variety of wellness and fitness options.

Baptist Fitness & Wellness Resources and Locations

Health Quest-Union City, Tennessee

Operated by Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City, Health Quest is the first hospital-owned fitness and wellness center in northwest Tennessee. Learn more.

Baptist Community Classes & Support Groups

Baptist offers classes and support groups at all our facilities that inform, educate or help with life's most significant changes. Learn more.

The Renew Program

Baptist Women's Hospital (Memphis) offers Renew Healthy Lifestyle Solutions, a 12-week program that helps adult patients deal with obesity. Learn more.

Diabetic Education Program

Baptist Memorial Hospital-Carroll County (Tennessee) offers a diabetic education program to help newly diagnosed diabetes patients manage the disease through blood glucose control, lifestyle changes and more. Learn more.