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A customized approach to improving employee health

BestHealth offers large and small organizations a cost-effective way of improving their employees’ health and reducing lost production because of chronic illnesses.

We customize our wellbeing services and innovative solutions using multiple information sources, such as claims data, health risk assessments and on-site biometric screenings. This information helps our clients understand what’s driving costs for their insurance plans and what health issues, factors and trends are affecting their employee population. Our global approach to analytics and evaluation leads to population-specific interventions, tailored to each individual and designed to maximize health results and cost savings.

How we do it

Your organization will benefit from the expertise and experience of Baptist Memorial Health Care, one of the region’s largest and most respected health care organizations. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop strategies that fit the needs of your employee population, including identifying high-risk areas, assessing cultural readiness and delivering results.

Additionally, as a leader in health care in the Mid-South, we have a unique ability to connect the employee to primary care by leveraging the use of our robust medical record management system, which provides for bi-directional referrals between BestHealth and a Baptist Primary Care Provider. BestHealth strategies include:

  • Applying population health practices that reduce costs for your health plan
  • Delivering a technology-enabled wellbeing program that improves the health of employees and rewards them for their efforts
  • Providing regular, updated comprehensive analytic profiles to management executives for insured populations
  • Designing and implementing direct-to-employer, wellbeing initiatives for area employers

Why we do it

BestHealth is committed to improving and sustaining the health of all the communities we serve. A healthier community means healthier workers, businesses and economies. By collaborating with you, we will:

  • Improve population outcomes for your employees and their families
  • Generate real cost savings for self-funded health plans
  • Reduce insurance claims and associated costs against your health plan
  • Minimize losses due to chronic conditions in your employee population

Our services

Our services are based on industry best practices and the recommended first step would be a detailed current state assessment along with identifying opportunities for driving value-based care and maximizing your investment in the health and wellbeing of your employees.

BestHealth by Baptist Services Chart

Services Services by Tier
  Tier 1: Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening Tier 2: Worksite Wellbeing Tier 3: Worksite Wellbeing + Individual Coaching Tier 4: Population Health Management
Health risk assessment and biometric screening  x  x  x  x
Employee health risk reports and review of results  x  x  x  x
Employer report outlining health risks, predictive cost modeling and wellbeing intervention recommendations  x  x  x  x
Employee wellbeing program with incentives, challenges, education, and communication strategy    x  x  x
Individualized employee lifestyle and behavior change coaching      x  x
Individual, nursing care coordination and management        x

Tier 1: Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening

BestHealth provides a National Committee for Quality Assurance-certified, turnkey health risk assessment and on-site screenings, including blood pressure; body mass index; finger sticks for glucose, cholesterol and lipids; and optional tobacco/nicotine screening. Our fully qualified staff will follow these assessments with detailed health risk reports and individual health coaching sessions. Each employer will also receive a report outlining health risks, predictive cost modeling and wellbeing intervention recommendations.

Tier 2: Worksite Wellbeing

In addition to conducting health risk assessments and biometric screenings, your BestHealth team will develop and implement a wellbeing program to engage your employees in managing their health. This program will fit your culture and address your employees’ needs, as well as include incentive programs, challenges, education and a communication strategy that gives employees the support and clinical expertise they need to create healthier behaviors and outcomes.

Tier 3: Worksite Wellbeing + Individual Coaching

This tier combines health risk assessments, biometric screenings and worksite wellbeing with customized coaching to improve employee health. Your BestHealth team of certified health coaches will reach out to and engage your team with individualized lifestyle and behavior change coaching in areas such as weight management, physical activity, nutritional improvement, resilience, stress management and tobacco cessation.

Tier 4: Population Health Management

BestHealth will combine all our service tiers to bring you the complete population health management solution — a clinically driven, person-centered, holistic approach to address risk across the health spectrum. This comprehensive strategy has been shown to improve the health of a company’s workforce while helping contain the rising costs of employee health benefits.

Employee testimonials

BestHealth services are designed to meaningfully engage employees in improving their own wellbeing. Not only does our program help improve productivity in the workplace, it also gives employees a sense of accomplishment, pride and gratitude for a happier, healthier lifestyle. See what past participants have to say about their experience with BestHealth.

  • Taking steps to rewrite a family history of diabetes. Read now.
  • Ending a 45-year smoking habit with BestHealth. Read now.
  • Change your habits, change your life. Read now.
  • A little friendly competition can be a healthy thing. Read now.

Let’s talk about how BestHealth can work for you

Health care costs for organizations continue to rise. BestHealth can help you reverse that trend and make your employee population healthier, happier and more productive.

We’d love to show you exactly how our services can benefit your business, your employees and your bottom line. Call us at 901-227-2378 or email us at [email protected] to schedule a one-on-one presentation.

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