Inpatient Information

Your stay at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis

Welcome to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis! If you have questions about the care or services we’re providing, please talk with your nurse, the manager of your unit or contact the 24-hour Help Line by dialing 6-5555 (from inside the hospital) or 901-226-5555 from outside the hospital.

Hospital Patient Guide & Forms

Visitor Guidelines

Calling For Help

Nurse Call Light: Your nurse call light is located on the side rail of your bed or a hand-held control clipped to your bed in a convenient location. Upon admission to your room, a staff member will demonstrate how to call for assistance.
Emergency Call Light: Is also available if you need assistance while in the bathroom.


Adjust Your Bed: Control buttons that can move the head or the foot of the bed up and down are on the side rails or the foot of the bed. 
Sheets and Blankets: Your nursing team will decide when to change your bed linens. For your comfort, we will straighten your bed and provide the necessary linens for your overnight guest.

Meal Selections

We offer a personalized Catering to You meal program. A catering associate from Food & Nutrition will visit each patient to take your menu selections. Breakfast selections will be taken the evening before.

Personal Care Items

Patient rooms include a washbasin and water pitcher. Towels, washcloths, and soap are in the bathroom. Please ask the staff for a toothbrush, toothpaste, or mouthwash, if you need these items.

Room Cleaning

Environmental Services staff performs the following daily: clean bathroom, mop floor, wipe bedside tables and remove trash. Our staff needs to focus on your health needs, so we appreciate family members and visitors doing their part to help keep your room clean by disposing of trash properly.


Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis is a tobacco- and smoke-free environment, as we are committed to the health and well being of our patients, guests and staff members. Smoking is not allowed at any place on the hospital campus.

Room Telephone

The telephone number for your room is 901-226- plus your room number. Please tell your family and friends they may dial your room directly. There is no charge for local telephone service from your room phone or from phones in the waiting rooms or front lobby. Long distance calls must be billed to the number called or to a credit card, calling card or home phone number.


Channel Guide

2 Hospital Information
4 Children’s Movies
6 Relaxation/Chapel Services
11 ESPN 2
12 ESPN Classic
13 Fox (WHBQ)
17 ESPN News
18 Food Network
19 Hospital Network
20 American Movie Classics
21 Hospital Network
22 Cartoon Network
25 Headline News
26 Travel Channel
28 Discovery Channel
29 Family Channel
30 UPN
31 Learning Channel
32 TNT
34 Weather Channel
35 Hospital Network
38 USA Network
39 TBN (Christian)

Personal Belongings

Clothing: All patients need a robe and slippers; all other items may be taken home until you are discharged from the hospital.

Dentures: When dentures are not in place, they should be kept in a denture cup to prevent them from being accidentally thrown away. Tell a staff member if you need a denture cup. The hospital is not responsible for lost or damaged dentures.

Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, and Hearing Aids: To prevent loss or damage to your eyeglasses, contact lenses or hearing aids while you are hospitalized, please do not leave them unprotected on the bedside table, in a robe pocket or on your bed. The hospital is not responsible for lost or damaged eyeglasses or hearing aids.

Valuable Items: While Baptist Memphis is not responsible for patients’ and guests’ personal belongings, we certainly try to return lost items to their owners. To talk with our security department about a lost item or to file a lost item report, please contact the Help Line at 6-5555.

We recommend patients leave all valuables at home, including money, jewelry, credit cards, purses and anything else that would be considered a loss. (Patients may be moved during admission for tests, examinations and other necessary procedures.) If you are admitted and have brought any valuables, please contact the Help Line at 6-5555 to have these items stored in the Security Office. You will be given a security-issued receipt and may access your valuables at any time. The hospital and its employees are not responsible or liable for damage to or loss of any personal property that is not deposited with the security office. This release from responsibility includes any loss or damage to dentures, bridgework, clothing, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, prostheses, jewelry, money and any and all other personal property.