Baptist Community Report

We are pleased to share our most recent community report with you. It highlights our efforts during the past year to raise awareness of leading health conditions, address health disparities, remove barriers and increase access to care for many in our community.

We often collaborate with other community organizations and health care leaders to create programs and resources that have the greatest reach and accomplish the most good. Our efforts vary and might include virtual meetings, events and initiatives, but they’re all designed to meet the unique needs of the three-state area we serve.

While the past few years have been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and other upper respiratory illnesses, we have taken a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of our communities. Chronic disease, mental health and maternal health continue to be high priority areas for our communities, and that is also reflected in our work and the programs we’ve developed. These initiatives allow us to care for the most pressing health needs in our region while also extending health care to underserved, uninsured and vulnerable members of our community.

Please consider our most recent Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) to get an in-depth view of the most pressing needs for our communities, down to the ZIP code. We conduct these assessments every three years and allow the findings to guide our community outreach priorities and programs.

Our 2022 Community Report

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Baptist Healthy Communities started as our faith-based initiative in 2014 to address community health needs. We have since expanded it to include community organizations and agencies with a focus on improving the health of their communities and expanding access to care. This multipronged approach has given us a wider reach and a greater opportunity to improve the health of individual members of the community.

If you’re a faith-based organization or community agency and would like to join Baptist Healthy Communities, please complete our application.

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