Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Your ENT Care: Why Baptist Memorial

What do allergies, balance disorders, sleep apnea and hearing loss have in common? They are all treated by otolaryngologists, popularly known as ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists. Speech, hearing, sleep and eating can be affected by disorders in the ear, nose and throat.

Our ENT medical services cover the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that affect these closely linked areas of your body. Baptist otolaryngology specialists may also work closely with other physicians and therapists, such as audiologists, endocrinologists, speech pathologists, sleep specialists and general surgeons.

ENT Testing and Therapy

Learn about hearing and audiology testing at Baptist, as well as therapy for speech and swallowing disorders in adults and children.

Examples of ENT Disorders and Conditions Treated
at Baptist

  • Allergies
  • Balance Disorders
  • Ear Infections
  • Endocrine (Thyroid and Parathyroid) Surgery
  • Hearing Loss 
  • Salivary Gland Disorders
  • Sinus Pressure and Pain
  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring*
  • Speech and Voice Disorders
  • Tonsillitis

*Sleep apnea diagnosis or treatment may be coordinated with the Baptist Sleep Disorders Center

Sinus Center of Excellence

Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto (Southaven) is the first hospital in Mississippi and the Memphis area to be designated a Sinus Center of Excellence. Otolarygologists at Baptist DeSoto, as well as Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle (Columbus, MS), perform balloon sinuplasty procedures, where doctors use a small catheter and balloon to quickly open and expand blocked sinuses (sinusitis), helping to permanently relieve pressure and pain without more invasive surgery. Sinusitis patients suffer headaches, congestion, fatigue and other symptoms. 

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