Corporate Compliance Program

At Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation, we maintain a Corporate Compliance Program to support our mission, vision and values and to help the organization fulfill its responsibilities by promoting legal and regulatory compliance with a focus on reimbursement and business relationships. Baptist’s Corporate Compliance Office serves as a resource to the organization and works in conjunction with many other departments of the corporation to achieve compliance with laws and regulations that affect Baptist's operations. To that end, the Compliance Program provides all Baptist team members with the most accurate, concise and up-to-date information and advice to assure that they are aware of their responsibilities with respect to sustaining such an environment.

Baptist’s Corporate Compliance Office is responsible for the Compliance Program and addresses general compliance issues as well as issues related to research and grant compliance, billing and reimbursement compliance, coding compliance and ethics. In addition, the Corporate Compliance Office responds to compliance concerns identified through ongoing auditing and monitoring activities and those reported by team members and visitors.

Baptist’s Corporate Compliance Office also maintains the TIPS Helpline/Hotline that team members and visitors may use to report on an anonymous and confidential basis. In order to maintain Baptist’s culture of compliance and achieve its mission; the Corporate Compliance Office provides all team members with regularly scheduled and specifically requested training on a state and federal level, legal and regulatory matters as well as Baptist's Standards of Conduct.

Our Compliance Program is Made Up of Seven Elements

  • Establish Standards: Developing and implementing written policies, procedures and standards of conduct.
  • High Level Oversight: Designating a Compliance Officer, Compliance Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Training & Education: Conducting effective training and education; Mandatory annual training.
  • Open Lines of Communication: Developing and managing effective lines of communication; Managing a confidential Helpline/Hotline.
  • Auditing & Monitoring: Conducting internal monitoring and auditing; Testing of controls to address risks.
  • Enforcement of Standards: Enforcing standards of conduct through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines.
  • Detection, Remediation & Enforcement: Responding promptly to detected offenses and undertaking corrective action.

Compliance Goals

  • Promotion of good citizenship, legal and ethical behavior and good business judgment.
  • Promotion of continuing adherence to applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Early detection of misconduct.
  • Prevention of wrongdoing.

No Surprise Billing

Right to Good Faith Estimate

Right to Good Faith Estimate Notice [PDF, 188 KB]

Contact Us

For compliance concerns, such as standards of conduct or suspected violations of law, please contact Corporate Compliance at 901-227-5920 or Corporate Counsel at 901-227-5233.

Baptist TIPS Hotline

If you suspect that a person is violating the law, a regulation or Baptist’s Standards of Conduct, or is committing act of patient abuse, please call the Baptist TIPS Helpline/Hotline at 877-BMH-TIPS You can also report incidents anonymously using our Baptist TIPS online form.