Patient & Family Advisory Council

Baptist’s Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) consists of members who serve as consultants and offer input to Baptist leadership about designing and evaluating services, programs, policies and new facilities that can potentially affect patient care. Having such a group helps Baptist include the voice of the consumer and community in the design and delivery of health services.

Why Does Baptist have a Patient & Family Advisory Council?

  • We recognize our patients and their families play a very important role in helping us grow our services so we may be one of the key health care providers of choice in Memphis.
  • We need a team to help ensure our care is family–centered, and we meet patient and family expectations.

What are the responsibilities of the PFAC?

Members of the PFAC serve as consultants and offer input to Baptist’s leadership team with regard to designing and evaluating services, education, events, programs, policies and new facilities that affect patient care. Members also serve as a vital link between Baptist and the community by channeling information, needs and concerns to our staff and administration.

Who is on the PFAC?

The council is made up family members of all backgrounds. We are growing and would like to establish a core group of up to 15 to 20 members. You may also see members of our staff from administration, guest services and marketing. All of whose goals are to increase patient satisfaction and experience.

What is the time Commitment for the PFAC?

Members make a commitment to serve for a minimum of two years. If they wish to renew their commitment for another two years, they may do so by discussing their intention with the Council’s Program Manager. The council meets once a quarter or as deemed necessary by upcoming projects.

How can I become a member of the PFAC?

Thank you for your interest in making a difference at Baptist. Please contact the administrative offices for more information at 901-227-9101, ask your MD or RN for an application, or complete the application electronically. You will be contacted by our PFAC coordinator to complete an orientation.

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