Baptist is Equipped, Safe and Ready

Baptist's hospitals and clinics throughout the Mid-South, including all our emergency rooms, are taking special care to provide you special care.

We’re Taking Special Care to Give You Special Care

Recent surges of COVID-19 cases, and subsequent increases in hospitalizations, have many wondering whether it is safe to go to the hospital or emergency room to receive treatment.

At Baptist, we understand this concern, and that is why we continue to employ safety policies and protocols initiated early in the pandemic.

Working with our partner physicians, we have designed and implemented the safest possible health care environments for our patients and staff at all of our hospitals, as well as all Baptist Medical Group clinics and specialty facilities, including Baptist Cancer Centers.

Our emergency rooms are always open and ready to provide care for life-threatening illness or injury, or if you have other concerns about your immediate health. Please call 911 immediately if you or a loved one are experiencing chest pain, a stroke significant trauma or other symptoms of a life-threatening condition.

When you receive care at Baptist you can expect the following measures as a part of our efforts to keep our patients and staff safe:

  • Screening all health care workers and patients to identify anyone with fever, symptoms or COVID-19 exposure history.
  • Requiring all our employees to wear face masks.
  • Giving all patients face masks and asking them to wear them throughout their stay in our facilities.
  • Providing COVID-19 testing for all patients as part of their care.
  • Testing our health care workers for COVID-19 on a regular basis.
  • Practicing aggressive hand hygiene and rigorous cleaning of all surfaces in all Baptist facilities.
  • Requiring continued social distancing in all our public spaces.
  • Limiting visitation in all of our facilities to prevent any spread of infection to our patients.
  • Establishing treatment areas throughout our hospitals specifically for non-COVID patients to safely receive elective treatments.
  • Placing patients in a safe COVID-positive area if we are unable to perform a test because of an emergency event or special situation.

For patients who are not ready to visit our facilities, we have convenient, secure virtual care options including video visits and e-visits through our MyChart app.

For answers to the some of the questions and concerns you may have, please visit our Coronavirus FAQ page. We’re taking special care to provide you special care.