Cardiac Rehabilitation 

A Cardiac Rehab Program Designed Specifically for Your Recovery 

As the Mid-South’s leading cardiac rehab program, Baptist’s cardiac care rehabilitation program helps patients manage illnesses, recover from surgery or gain a better understanding of their nutritional needs. Baptist's cardiac rehabilitation program provides care plans designed by compassionate cardiac rehabilitation specialists to help patients manage their heart disease or disorder through the following:

A cardiac rehab specialist discusses cardiovascular education with a patient

  • Medically-supervised exercise with treadmills, stationary bikes, NuStep®, arm and hand ergometers
  • Education regarding cardiovascular illnesses and the disease management process
  • Understanding of heart medications
  • Optional counseling with dietitians and pharmacists
  • Social interaction with other cardiovascular patients
  • Preparation for returning to work (if appropriate)

Baptist’s physicians, registered nurses, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, pharmacists and psychologists help as needed in the cardiac rehabilitation of every patient. Patients are encouraged to play an engaged and active role in their cardiac care and rehabilitation.

Phases of the Cardiac Rehab Program

Baptist Memorial Health Care’s inpatient cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to gradually progress patients toward their best possible outcome through diet and exercise, education, stress management and medication. Our trained cardiac rehab specialists strive to help patients lower their risk factors of a heart event by improving their health and wellness in three phases:

Phase 1 occurs while admitted to the hospital where the nursing staff, physical therapists and other support staff provide education and encouragement regarding activity and diet.

Phase 2 occurs in an outpatient setting where monitored exercise is conducted. The patient will wear a remote cardiac monitor and perform an individualized program of exercise for up to 12 weeks.

Phase 3 also occurs in an outpatient setting. This phase is un-monitored and could be conducted in the same location as phase 2, however this phase can be performed at any gym or at home. Our staff can create a healthy activity plan to continue to improve your cardiac health.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Locations

Baptist Memorial Health Care serves the Mid-South with advances in heart and vascular research, compassionate cardiac rehabilitation specialists and a leading-edge cardiac rehabilitation program. Get the support you need close to home at one of our nine cardiac rehab locations.




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