Baptist TIPS Helpline / Hotline

At Baptist, we are committed to:

  • Conducting business ethically and with a high degree of integrity.
  • Providing quality patient care using our Service First philosophy.
  • If you suspect that a person is violating a law, regulation or Baptist's Standards of Conduct, or is committing acts of patient abuse in any form...

We want to know about it!

Employees have an obligation to report any violations immediately. There are three ways you can do it:

  • Tell your manager or the person your manager reports to.
  • Call the TIPS Helpline/Hotline at 877-BMH-TIPS.
  • You can also report instances anonymously using our Baptist TIPS online form.
  • Call the Corporate Compliance office at 901-227-5920.
  • If you are not an employee, you may report it to the TIPS Helpline/Hotline or to Corporate Compliance.

All tips are investigated, and any necessary action is handled appropriately and fairly.

Calls may be made to the TIPS Helpline/Hotline anonymously and are handled confidentially to the extent allowed by law and without identifying the caller if desired. Baptist does not tolerate retaliation for reports made in good faith.

The TIPS Helpline/Hotline and the Corporate Compliance departments are available for anyone with a concern.

It’s Up To You!
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