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Baptist offers a wide range of surgical services through our hospitals' inpatient and outpatient surgery centers. Our staff is prepared to make you as comfortable as possible during your procedure.

A surgeon stands and smiles in a hospital surgery center.

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Preoperative Experience

Upon arrival at the surgical center, patients will go to a surgery holding area, where one family member or care partner may accompany you.

Holding Area Rules:

  • Stay behind the curtains to respect the privacy of others
  • Silence mobile phones (do not place or answer cell phone calls or take photos)
  • No food or drink

You may have to be interviewed by several staff members on our surgical specialty team, including the operating room nurse, the anesthesiologist and the registered nurse anesthetist. After the interviews, we might give you medication to help you relax and to control any postoperative nausea.

When you are ready to transfer to the operating room, family members will be directed to the waiting area or the patient's assigned room. Please understand that certain care situations in the surgical center holding unit may take priority over family/care partner visitation. Your visit to the holding unit may be delayed for these reasons.

Postoperative Experience

After surgery, you will be transferred to a post anesthesia care unit. Your family/care partner will be notified by phone and given an update within 20-30 minutes of your arrival here. One person may visit for 5-10 minutes at a time.

If family members feel uncomfortable entering the medical care area, they may remain in the waiting room. Pain and nausea are often a part of the postoperative experience. We constantly monitor both. Once the recovery period is complete, you will be transferred to the outpatient department or admitted to an inpatient room.

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