Baptist Trinity Home Care & Hospice

Baptist Trinity Home Care

Baptist Trinity Home Care provides compassionate, quality services by skilled professionals under the direction of a patient’s physician. Medicare, TennCare, private insurance or private pay are accepted for these services. Newly diagnosed patients, patients with cancer-related emergencies who require skilled observation and assessment and patients in the advanced stages of cancer who do not choose hospice often need home care services.

Skilled Nursing Services

Include teaching and training activities regarding:

  • Disease process
  • Medications, such as chemotherapeutic agents and analgesics
  • Nutrition guidelines for patients undergoing radiation/chemotherapy
  • Nutrition for patients with cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus or gastrointestinal areas
  • Interventions for side effects of treatment
  • Prevention of infection
  • Care of terminally ill or bed-ridden patients
  • Patients on chemotherapy
  • Reactions and side effects of treatment
  • Patients' physical and psycho-social status
  • Assessment and referral for environmental resources
  • Pain management

Nursing skills

  • Administrating chemotherapeutic agents and analgesics
  • Drawing blood for lab tests
  • Care of devices designed to deliver IV fluids, blood products and other solutions through the vascular system.
  • Wound/skin care

Therapy services include strengthening, training to normalize walking patterns, helping to move patients from one area to another and caregiver education regarding positioning bed-bound patients, how to move patients from one area to another and performing activities of daily living.

Baptist Trinity Home Care & Hospice offers a bridge program to transfer terminally ill patients from the home health agency to hospice care. Coordinating the transition from restorative care to palliative care provides the appropriate use of interdisciplinary resources to meet the needs of terminally ill patients.

Baptist Trinity Hospice

Baptist Trinity Hospice believes human life is to be honored. We recognize there may come a time when you and your family must make difficult health care decisions. By choosing hospice care, you have made the courageous decision to no longer seek curative care for your illness. Hospice will offer you an alternative to curative care by aggressively treating pain and symptoms associated with terminal illness. It is our obligation to ensure the highest quality of life possible for you and your loved ones.

The interdisciplinary team is guided by a patient's attending physician and our medical director to ensure a palliative care regimen and plan of care. The team comprises a medical director, registered nurse, social worker, certified nursing assistant, bereavement counselor, chaplain and volunteer coordinator. Our goal is to maintain a supportive care environment for terminally ill patients in their homes—where they can spend their last days surrounded by family and friends.

An active volunteer program exists at Baptist Trinity Hospice. Volunteers greatly enhance the terminal care environment by providing companionship, running errands, writing letters and doing a variety of things, including making calls offering support, just to name a few.

Additionally, during a patient's active terminal care, our team members are trained to anticipate grief needs. Bereavement care and grief support continue after the patient's death for a minimum of one year for family and friends.

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