Baptist Memphis Pharmacy Residency Preceptors

Residents are provided the opportunity to train alongside clinical pharmacy preceptors who have expansive educational backgrounds and experience to enrich their learning and hands-on experiences.

Amy Brewster, PharmD, BCPS, BCCP

Amy Brewster

Residency Program Director
Clinical Specialist, Cardiology
Advanced Heart Failure Clinic

Lindsay White, PharmD

Lindsay White

Residency Program Coordinator
Pharmacy Manager - Medication Safety

Allison Brunson, PharmD, BCPS

Allison Brunson

Clinical Specialist, Internal Medicine

Emily Harris, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager, Outpatient
Walnut Grove Plaza Pharmacy

Dennis Roberts, DPh

Dennis Roberts

Director of Pharmacy: Baptist Memphis, Baptist Collierville, Baptist Tipton, Walnut Grove Plaza Pharmacy, Baptist Mail Order Pharmacy

Dawn Waddell, PharmD, BCPS

Dawn Waddell

Clinical Pharmacy Manager