Behavioral Health

As with many other diseases, chemical dependency issues; mental illness, and behavioral health problems can be serious, life changing and debilitating. People seeking treatment for these health issues deserve to feel cared for and safe.

Our highly qualified multidisciplinary team is trained to diagnose and treat a variety of mental and behavioral health issues. Our goal is to help patients attain an optimal level of functionality to improve the quality of their lives in a safe, secure environment.


Chemical Dependency Unit

Our 8-bed inpatient substance abuse unit helps patients 18 years or older undergo medical detoxification in a safe, protected setting. The team is led by board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and includes alcohol and drug counselors, liscensed professional counselors, social workers and nursing staff. We accept referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our emergency room, or by appointment through our outpatient clinic. Following treatment, patients have free access to our Alcohol and Drug Aftercare Program.

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

When someone experiences an emotional or mental crisis like suicidal thoughts, delusions or paranoia, finding help is critical. Our Inpatient Psychiatric Unit accepts admissions 24 hours a day from our office and through the emergency room. All inpatients have access to individual psychiatry sessions as well as therapists and social workers. Treatment plans are customized to individual patient needs. Additionally, other activities include exercise, relaxation and journaling. Following treatment, patients have free access to our Psychiatric Aftercare Program.


Intensive Outpatient Program

Focused on helping patients struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, this 8-week program provides chemical dependency treatment for patients 18 years or older who have successfully detoxed and are deemed appropriate for admission. The program allows patients to continue their daily lives, including living at home and maintaining a job while receiving treatment. This program adheres to the 12-steps philosophy, and participation in Alcoholics Anonymous® or Narcotics Anonymous is a program requirement.

Behavioral Health Services

We offer convenient outpatient behavioral health services so patients can receive care on their schedule. Anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD are some of the conditions we treat through counseling or psychiatric intervention. Our board-certified psychiatrists andliscensed professional counselors assess each patient, tailoring care to specific needs.

To learn more about our programs at Baptist Golden Triangle, please call:
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