Genetic Risk Factors Quiz

Breast Cancer Genetic Risk Factors

The Comprehensive Breast Program includes a staff of dedicated genetic counselors who help identify patients who have a greater chance of developing breast and possible other cancers because of their personal and family history. A blood or saliva sample can examine an individual’s DNA to determine if he/she has an inherited gene mutation that can increase the risk to develop cancers. Certain inherited gene mutations can sometimes increase a woman’s risk to develop breast cancer up to 85% during her lifetime. If an individual is found to have an inherited gene mutation, there is discussion about how to screen that person more closely to detect cancer at an early stage and also for possible risk-reducing options to help lower the risk of developing certain cancers.

A risk assessment and genetic testing can help you develop a breast cancer screening and management plan with your doctor.

Learn more about factors that could possibly put you in the high-risk category through this short quiz.

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