30 Days of Thanks: A New Holiday Tradition

If you want to make the holidays special, consider reflecting on why you’re thankful. This simple act can increase your joy. That’s why we’ve made this a part of our Thanksgiving tradition at Baptist Memorial Health Care. For 30 days in November, Baptist team members share why they’re thankful. You can see our expressions below. We hope our gratitude inspires you.

If you want to share why you’re thankful with us, please use our hashtag #BaptistGivesThanks.

Meredith Palfrey Meredith Palfrey

I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to grow as a nurse within an organization that places value on the human connections that are made with patients. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to truly connect with my patients and their families. These human connections have brought a tremendous amount of satisfaction and worth to the work that I do.

Meredith Palfrey - Nurse Manager

I am thankful for Baptist because it was the first real job I had with benefits. I am also thankful for Baptist because along with GOD I was able to purchase a home. I am thankful for my Manager Pam Robinson who is very caring to her workers. I thank GOD for pointing the direction to Baptist Memorial Heath Care where I have 20 wonderful years under my belt. 

Nanette Bess - Office Assistant

Dianne Nugent Dianne Nugent

I feel so blessed to be working at a place that shows such love and compassion. Patients comment daily about how wonderful the staff is, how beautiful the facility is and how the atmosphere is both professional, kind and caring. We all should thank God this Thanksgiving season for this workplace He has provided us and be ever mindful that we have a responsibility to use this gift to glorify Him.

Dianne Nugent - Admissions Representative

I'm thankful for the personal and professional support I get from our Senior Vice President Scott Fountain.

Darnell Settles - Web Marketing Manager

Barbara Helms

When asked what I am thankful for, my husband, Baily is the first thing that comes to mind. I am thankful to have been blessed with a marriage of 60 years. Throughout my entire marriage, I have also been employed with Baptist. With that being said, I am also thankful to have been an employee at such a great facility during my entire nursing career for 60 years.

Barbara Helms - Nurse

Lauren Strini

I am very thankful to work for an organization that is so dedicated to our community. Baptist provides enthusiastic support to the Kemmons Wilson Family Center for Good Grief so that we can offer much needed services completely free of charge to those in the community who have experienced the death of a loved one. This work is incredibly meaningful because we have the honor of witnessing remarkable strength and healing in our clients.

Lauren Strini - Director

I am thankful for Baptist granting me the opportunity to make a difference and have a positive influence within the organization. I am most thankful for having the privilege to be part of a great team where we all strive to provide the best for our patients and staff. It is of great satisfaction to work with people who are passionate about their work and the impact it can make on others.

Stephanie Price - Compensation Coordinator

Jeremy Cary

As an emergency nurse, I am thankful for the professional bond with my fellow colleagues. In the minutes that matter most, trusting the people that share the same passion of helping others is crucial to my success as a nurse.

Jeremy Cary - RN

I am thankful Baptist allows me the opportunity to serve and protect our patients, staff and guests. I have been employed with Baptist for 38 years—with 28 years in security. I am grateful for our great employees and coworkers who are dedicated to the mission and vision of Baptist. I also consider myself very blessed to be part of an organization that provides continuous support for our community.

Orlandis Blakley - Manager

I am thankful to God that I have a job I love and feel called to do. I appreciate working for an organization that is Christian-based and that makes for a very good work environment. I have left Baptist and come back because this place feels like home—family.

Christina Duke - RN

I am thankful to have the privilege of working for an organization that puts God first and foremost in everything we do. I'm thankful to work alongside fellow Christians doing his will and forging through with His mission at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Sarah Overcast - Marketing Physician Relations Director

I'm very thankful to work for a Christian organization and coworkers who are more like family. I'm truly blessed!

Felicia Wood - RN

I am thankful for Baptist because they have allowed me to grow and advance my career. Baptist is a support system to me just as important as my own personal family. I will forever be grateful to Baptist.

Casey Jenkins - Risk Manager

I feel honored to be given the opportunity to speak on being a Baptist employee. First and foremost, I'm thankful to work in a Christian-based entity that promotes preaching, teaching and healing. We are given the opportunity as Baptist workers to provide care and make a difference in someone's life each day. This is our mission.

Patricia Conley - LPN

I would like to say that Baptist Union City has been the “Best Place” I have ever worked, for it has given me the opportunity to live out my Christian faith while at work. I’ve often told people that being a Christian is not a “requirement” to work at Baptist, but the bottom line is clear—every Baptist employee is expected to treat patients, visitors and coworkers the way a Christian should treat people! Thank you Baptist for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization!

Pam Hughes - RN, Nursing Informatics Analyst