Initial Heart Transplant Evaluation

If the patient is deemed a potential candidate, he or she is invited to the Baptist Heart Institute for further assessment and to meet members of the transplant team. Prior to being seen, patients' medical records are reviewed, including, cardiac function studies, heart catheterization, and where appropriate, records relating to other health conditions.

During the initial consultation, the patient is examined, interviewed and educated about the transplant process. Family members are strongly encouraged to attend. The clinical transplant coordinator and nurse practitioner will set up the evaluation schedule.

Based on the information gathered during the evaluation process, the Transplant Review Board, a multidisciplinary team may render one of the following five decisions:

  1. The patient is accepted for transplantation.
  2. Further tests are required to make a determination.
  3. A decision may be made to defer listing the patient if there is a question about some aspect of their case such as compliance, psychosocial support or nutritional status.
  4. The patient is offered another form of therapy or procedure prior to listing.
  5. The patient may be denied for transplant listing.

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