Sleep Disorders Center

Baptist Collierville

Originally opened in the fall of 1977, the Baptist Collierville Sleep Disorders Center has evaluated more than 35,000 patients since its inception.


Sleep Disorders & Heart Health

The sleep apnea disorder has been linked to serious cardio-vascular problems.

Sleep Diary

If you think you might have a sleep disorder, download, print and maintain this sleep diary to log activities relevant to sleep quality. Having this information ready can assist a sleep expert with diagnosis and treatment of your disorder.

The Baptist Sleep Disorders Center at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville is a facility providing clinical diagnostic services and treatments to patients who have symptoms or features that suggest the presence of a sleep disorder. In the event that your insurance company requires a home sleep test, we will provide that service.

The center is located on the third floor of the hospital and consists of eight individual sleep rooms with adjacent bathrooms. The center is staffed by highly trained and experienced polysomnography technicians. Dr. Robert Schriner is medical director of the center.

The center first opened in the fall of 1977, and more than 35,000 patients have been evaluated since then. In 1978, the center was one of the first to be accredited in the United States.

For more information about sleep disorders, please visit the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Web site or their sleep education website.

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