Exercising for a Better Life

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Regular exercise eases stress, helps maintain weight, improves mood, helps ward off infection and helps prevent chronic diseases that lead to death, such as heart disease and stroke.

The increased awareness of the importance of fitness has led to a rising demand for fitness training, performance enhancement and injury prevention services. A host of professionals are now available to offer specialized training for athletes in training, as well as those just wanting to enhance their fitness routines.

“I treat everyone as an athlete,” said Ty Tims, medical exercise specialist with Baptist Rehabilitation. “I don’t care if they are 96 years old, they are athletes. If you work with them on performance enhancement and make them more effective at what they do, then you will create a cycle that prevents future problems and enhances fitness.” Tims works with both male and female clients of all ages and fitness levels. His primary office is a Baptist-operated clinic in the SIX50 Total Club in Cordova. Tims also teaches a total body workout class at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown, which is part of Baptist Germantown’s Health in Motion community wellness program, aimed at improving the health of the general public through a variety of fitness and wellness classes.

Tims describes his total body class as intense, with many creative exercise ideas. “We work with dumbbells, stability balls, medicine balls, tubing, circuit training and functional exercise,” Tims said. “I try to do as much as we can in a standing position to perfect balance. I vary things a lot, because if you are not enjoying it, you are probably not going to stick with it very long.”

For those who think the intensity and variety of the total body workout class may be too taxing, Health in Motion classes also include Pilates, osteoporosis strength training, Tai Chi, low intensity exercise and aquatics. There is a class at every level and need.

“You can’t control your genetics or family history, so you have to control the things you can, such as cutting risks by exercising,” Tims said.

“Our goal is to give participants the tools they need to incorporate exercise into their daily lives regardless of their fitness level,” said Penny Head, director of sports medicine at Baptist Germantown and director of the community wellness program. “Through these programs, we’re trying to improve the health of the general population, as well as giving those with arthritis and osteoporosis the exercises and skills they need to better manage their condition and achieve optimum fitness.”


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