Radiology Residency Equipment and Technology


Baptist is the only facility in the Mid-South that is accredited in cardiac imaging and one of two accredited for breast imaging by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Residents read a high volume of cases from a large network of scanners including:

  • 24 MRI scanners with three 3.0 Tesla magnets and three new wide bore MRIs.
  • Sentinelle breast table capable of performing diagnostic breast and breast biopsy with a 3Tesla magnet strength
  • Prostate and Rectal Cancer MRI

Other 3Tesla magnet studies include:

  • Cardiac morphology
  • BOLD (blood oxygenated level dependent) brain scans
  • DTI studies
  • Perfusion studies

Interventional Radiology (IR)

The IR department comprises a total of 4 Siemens angiography suites including one biplane suite. Software packages include DynaCT cone beam CT imaging, needle guidance, vessel tracking (Perivision), digital subtraction angiography, and roadmapping. Each suite is equipped with RaySafe real time radiation monitoring.

In addition, there are 2 dedicated 16 slice Siemens and 1 64 slice Phillips CT scanners for procedural image guidance. The department also has access to 4 dedicated ultrasound units for guided procedures.

Computerized Tomography (CT) and Ultrasound (US)

Residents read a high volume of cases from a large network of scanners including:

  • 26 CT scanners including Dual Energy scanners.
  • Primary Stroke Center accredited by Joint Commission. The CT department plays an important role with the stroke patients providing initial CT Head procedure and advanced imaging with CT Brain Perfusion study.
  • Cardiac and Coronary CTA studies performed at 4 sites
  • 2D shear wave ultrasound elastography for liver fibrosis assessment

Nuclear Medicine

  • Two PET/CT scanners with leading-edge gamma cameras
  • Recently acquired a new nuclear medicine camera, GE Discovery 630. Used for cardiac perfusion SPECT imaging.
  • Ultra SPECT software enables our cameras to acquire cardiac spect images in half the time previously required.