Community Involvement

Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown is involved with the American Stroke Association and participates in local public service initiatives - including development and implementation of community awareness campaigns/events, stroke screenings, stroke education materials and events, medical and rehabilitative protocols, and community resource guides. Baptist Rehab-Germantown has actively contributed to the following:

  • Community screenings
  • Development of Community Resource Guides
  • Development of Post-Acute Care Guidelines and Resources

Patient/Family Education

Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown provides on-site education classes utilizing the American Stroke Association materials (handouts, videos, etc.) to identify:

  • Causes of stroke
  • Types of stroke
  • Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors
  • Warning signs/symptoms of stroke or recurrent stroke
  • Adjustment to stroke
  • Available support systems and community resources

Support Groups

Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown hosts monthly Stroke Support Group meetings and provides financial support for publishing and distribution of monthly stroke support group newsletters.

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