PICU Support Services

Extra Care for Pediatric Patients & Families

For many kids, a routine health care experience can incite worry and hesitation. So, it's understandable and expected that a stay in the PICU will lead to a certain amount of stress – felt by patients and families. To help children and their family members adjust to an intensive care hospital environment, we offer several PICU support services:

Child Life Specialists

Will it hurt? Why don't I feel like I'm in control? What is going to happen next? Young patients in the PICU are often saddled with these questions and more. Our child life specialists are available to help kids address these concerns by helping them adjust to the hospital environment. Their goal is to minimize the stress of each child's health care experience by:

  • Explaining procedures through age-appropriate medical play and educational materials.
  • Providing needed distractions through play therapy.
  • Accompanying them during procedures whenever possible.

Learn more about our Child Life Specialists' services.

Pet Therapy

Some of the most beloved members of Baptist's PICU team are the four-legged volunteers in our pet therapy program.

Through our program, specially-trained therapy dogs are brought to children's rooms for periods of 10-15 minutes at a time. The goal is to bring comfort, enjoyment and a smile to the faces of our critically ill patients. Visiting with a pet can also help reduce pain, anxiety and feelings of tiredness associated with serious health conditions. It can also bring comfort to family members.

If your child is interested in spending time with a furry friend, ask your care team which days and times he/she can expect a visit.

The Patient's Bill of Rights

Baptist's PICU is a family-centered facility, meaning that we believe involvement from patients and their families, in addition to medicine, is necessary to restoring a child's health. We also balance this belief with the understanding that children are not little adults. A child-friendly and specialized method is essential for children's health care. Furthermore, children are entitled to several rights in connections with their care. Our guidelines for providing your child's patient rights are as follows:


  • Look at me and talk to me in a way that I can understand.
  • Knock on my door before entering and please introduce yourself.
  • Be honest with me – always.
  • Offer me a choice whenever possible.
  • Communicate with my parents. If they feel less anxious, it will help me feel less anxious.
  • Tell me what you are going to do before you do it.
  • Remember that play is an important part of my day; try to make time for it.


  • Tell me "it won't hurt" if it will.
  • Tell me "don't cry."
  • Forget to listen when I have something to say.
  • Forget I want my favorite toy to go along with me to different places in the hospital.


To respect me by letting me show my feelings; they are a part of me, and I need to be allowed to express them. Hugs often help me feel better.

Do you have additional questions about how we can help your child or family? Please call us at 901-227-PEDS.

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