Baptist Comprehensive Breast Center

At Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women, we don't want any woman to experience breast cancer alone. That's why we developed the Baptist Comprehensive Breast Center, a place where women can come for medical expertise, support and answers to their questions. The Baptist Comprehensive Breast Center, created in January 2003, gives women access to local breast cancer experts, breast health services and resources under "one roof."

This Comprehensive Breast Center, the first of its kind in Memphis, allows Baptist experts to coordinate a patient's care from one central location, making it easier for patients to navigate the breast cancer process. Most patients are introduced to the Comprehensive Breast Center at the time of their diagnosis, through the Baptist Women's Health Center or at the recommendation of their physician, who is a member of the Comprehensive Breast Center network.

For more information about Baptist's Comprehensive Breast Center or to make an appointment, please call 901-226-0810.

Breast Cancer Experts

Network of Breast Cancer Experts

Baptist's Comprehensive Breast Center is a collaboration among local breast cancer experts, women's health physicians and Baptist. All of the physicians and specialists involved in the treatment of breast cancer patients are members of the comprehensive breast center network, including radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, pathologists and genetic counselors. Comprehensive breast center patients can be referred to any of the physicians in the network, which is a huge benefit to patients—giving them access to experts, second and third opinions and advanced treatment options.

Baptist Comprehensive Breast Center Experts and Physicians

Radiation Oncologists
Dr. Jea Lee
Dr. Michael Marks
Breast Radiologists
Dr. Lynn Gayden
Dr. Anna Mize
Dr. Elizabeth Glenn
Dr. Bettina Gaycken
Dr. Bora Lee
Dr. Marsha Orcutt
Dr. Madison Buckley
Members of the Comprehensive Breast Center Executive Committee
Dr. Alyssa Throckmorton, Breast Surgeon and Chair of the Executive Committee
Dr. Thomas Chesney, Pathologist
Dr. Ron Johnson, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Henry Sullivant, OB/Gyn
Dr. Diane Long, OB/Gyn
Dr. Carmel Verrier, Medical Oncologist

Breast Health Specialists

Breast health specialists, registered nurses with years of experience in cancer care, are the key to streamlining breast cancer care for patients. These registered nurses help patients gain access to local resources, services and support groups; call patients' doctors' offices; and even accompany patients for doctor visits or to purchase hard-to-buy items, such as wigs and prostheses.

More importantly, the breast health specialists are a common face for patients — always accessible to answer their questions about treatment options. These breast health specialists also serve as the ultimate support person for patients, calling patients immediately following diagnosis, meeting with them before surgeries and procedures and even arranging to accompany some patients for difficult surgeries or procedures.

Multidisciplinary Breast Conference

Get second, third and fourth opinions at no additional cost

The weekly multidisciplinary breast conference brings breast cancer experts togetherAn outstanding feature of the comprehensive breast center is a weekly multidisciplinary breast conference, which brings together a variety of breast cancer experts to discuss current breast cancer cases in "real time." This conference allows all the physicians involved in a patient's care to confer about treatments before recommending them, which means more treatment options for patients.

Plus, patients can receive second, third, even fourth opinions without visiting multiple physicians and at no additional cost. This translates to more personalized care for patients, which is the goal of Baptist's Comprehensive Breast Center.

Prevention & Healing


At Baptist, preventing a disease is just as important as treating it. The Baptist Comprehensive Breast Center actively works to help prevent breast cancer and catch it at its earliest stages through community education. The center's breast health specialists are actively involved in the community teaching women how to detect breast cancer and educating them about resources.

For more information about breast cancer or to schedule a visit with one of our breast health specialists, call 901-226-0810.

Healing the Body and the Mind

While it is important to help patients recover physically from an illness, Baptist also is committed to helping breast cancer patients heal emotionally and spiritually. Having breast cancer is such a life-altering event that it may be difficult for patients to recover and heal without the support of an outside source or organization. That's why the Comprehensive Breast Center provides patients with a listing of local breast cancer support groups and organizations.

Also, free emotional support for patients is available through Women Helping Other Women, a support group of breast cancer patients and survivors that meets at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women. A psychologist specializing in breast cancer counseling facilitates the group. Spiritual support also is available through the Baptist Women's Hospital chaplain's office.

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