Maternity Services

The Women's Center at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County is specially designed to cater to the needs of expectant mothers and babies. We believe each birth is a special event and want to develop a life-long relationship with you as your health care provider of choice.

Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms

In 2008, our Women's Center was expanded and now features 10 private labor/delivery/recovery rooms and two suites equipped for Cesarean sections. Carefully designed to provide a comfortable, intimate setting, each LDR room is equipped to meet the needs of mom and baby before and after delivery, including a patient monitoring system, and a Panda warmer for each baby, which is designed to keep the baby warm and healthy while allowing caregivers and family easy access. The labor and delivery unit, as well as the nursery, features an advanced infant security system.

Dr. Jones Discusses the Safety and Use of Epidurals

Anesthesiologist, Frederick Jones, MD, talks about women's options to manage pain during labor, and the safety and use of epidurals.

Postpartum Unit and Level II Nursery

The 18-bed postpartum unit offers comfortable rooms with private baths and couches for family. In addition to the well-baby nursery, the Center has a Level II nursery that is equipped for newborns with special needs. The remodeled 3,000 square-foot unit allows us to closely monitor our newborns and provide enhanced care and treatment. Additional work space and physician note-taking stations—also help optimize care. After delivery, mothers may choose to have the nursery staff care for their newborn or the baby can stay in the mother's room.

An advanced telemedicine system, provided by North Mississippi Medical Center, allows neonatologists at NMMC to immediately provide assessment and consultation to physicians at Baptist Union County—optimizing care for newborns close to home.

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Programs

Parents often have many questions and concerns about their new roles and how to care for their little one. Baptist Union County offers prepared childbirth classes to provide education and support for expectant parents. Childbirth class topics include relaxation techniques, the labor process, anesthesia, and caring for the newborn.

In addition to these classes, breastfeeding classes are offered by a certified lactation specialist. Our professional staff can assist new moms with their breastfeeding questions after delivery through one-on-one consultant sessions. Postpartum breastfeeding consults are available by appointment.

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Classes

For more information about the childbirth and breastfeeding classes offered at Baptist Union County, please contact the Breastfeeding Center at 662-538-2397.

You may also view our current schedule of classes.

Visitor Guidelines

Family-centered care is one of our most special features. All family and friends, including siblings, are welcome to visit during this wonderful time. We do ask that underage children of labor and delivery patients visit the mother and new baby for only brief periods of time and recommend they be accompanied by an adult. We also ask that our family/support persons/visitors wait in the family waiting room to avoid overcrowding in the hallway.

  • Two support people are welcome in the labor and delivery suite if the mother so chooses.
  • Other visitors may visit as long as no more than two people are in the suite at one time.
  • Pictures and video cameras are welcome after the delivery. The mother must sign a consent form prior to using cameras and video equipment.
  • We encourage mothers to keep their babies in their hospital rooms during their stay so that mother and baby can bond before going home.
  • Your newborn will be brought to the nursery for their first bath within two hours after delivery and a pediatrician visit, along with a hearing screening, lab tests, and circumcision.
  • A professional photographer may photograph your baby in the mother's room. Parents may dress their newborn in a special outfit for the nursery photos. The website address for nursery photos is

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