Baptist BraveHearts

Baptist BraveHearts is a support group that meets monthly in the Baptist Heart Institute’s Heart Transplant/Mechanical Circulatory Support Center, 6025 Walnut Grove, Suite 111.

For more information about Baptist BraveHearts, contact the transplant social workers at 901-226-2000.

Why join a support group?

  • Listen to others in similar situations
  • Get a feeling of security and belonging
  • Learn about transplant and VAD-related issues
  • Get help in dealing with emotions and stress
  • Share helpful information with other patients

What makes BraveHearts special?

  • This group is dedicated to any patient who is being considered for a VAD or heart transplant, is listed for heart transplant, or has had a heart/lung transplant or VAD placed. The group is for inpatients and outpatients, and family members are encouraged to participate.
  • Transplant patients and their families can gain support from many different types of groups, including group gatherings, educational programs, one-on-one support, social activities, newsletters, written materials, internet groups, and talking on the phone. As patients’ transplant experiences continue, they often gain confidence and reach out to others, in turn making lifelong friends, enjoying social activities, and finding opportunities to promote the need for organ and tissue donation.

Reasons for joining BraveHearts:

  • Joining a support group can be of great benefit to you, your family and your friends. Sharing your concerns, fears, struggles, experiences and triumphs with fellow patients and their families can be comforting, as well as give you encouragement and confidence. People with similar conditions can provide a feeling of security and comfort and assure you that you are not alone.
  • It is also encouraging to see how recipients who have had their transplants for several years and their families are coping and how they are enjoying their new lives. You’ll meet people who are waiting for the transplant, those who have just had a transplant, and others who were transplanted years ago.
  • Guest speakers inform you of trends in transplantation, new medications, insurance issues, stress relief, etc. Groups share helpful information, such as how to deal with insurance companies, where to find drugstores with the best services and prices, and much more.

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Baptist Transplant Program

6025 Walnut Grove Rd.
Suite 111
Memphis, TN 38120


Attn: Transplant Services

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