Referral to the Heart Transplant Program

Patients may be referred to Baptist's heart transplant program by their primary care physician or cardiologist. Each referral is reviewed by the transplant cardiologist and coordinator. If the patient has an obvious contraindication, this information is communicated to the referring physician and no further steps toward transplantation are undertaken.

Patricia Hugghis

Patricia Hugghis: Baptist Heart Transplant Patient Number 277

Contraindications to transplantation include severe obesity, active neoplastic disease, systemic or untreatable local infection, or drug dependency, lack of adequate support systems and the inability to comply with a strict medical regimen.

If the patient has a contraindication, but there is a chance that another therapy short of transplant may be offered, then the patient may be seen with this treatment as the goal.

If the doctor recommends a heart transplant, the patient should check with his or her health insurance provider about which transplant centers are covered.

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