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Clinical Research Institute Facts

Since being established in 1989, the Baptist Clinical Research Institute (BCRI) has worked with physicians, pharmaceutical companies, the National Institutes of Health and other research organizations as participants in multiple studies – testing original ideas, new medical equipment and technology, and medications. The BCRI is currently conducting several active studies in a variety of clinical trials in areas such as cancer, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pulmonology and interventional neuroradiology.

The BCRI staff works with physicians and Baptist Memorial hospitals to identify patients eligible to participate in clinical trials. Participation in these trials is usually restricted to a select group of individuals to help ensure accurate results; the organization or individual initiating a study often determines participation criteria.

The work the BCRI does benefits patients and physicians by offering new and improved treatment options for patients. These new treatments often have fewer side effects and improve the effectiveness of treatments, leading to new standards of care for patients.

An institutional review board reviews all trials presented to the BCRI for study to help ensure they meet safety and ethical standards before approving them. The IRB includes local health, spiritual and community representatives.

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