Baptist Heart Services

A Major Provider of Heart and Vascular Services

Baptist Memorial Health Care is known for providing high-quality health care.

The centerpiece of heart care within the Baptist system, the Baptist Heart Institute located within Baptist Memphis is designed to deliver comprehensive services to its patients in the most convenient way possible. The Institute combines all cardiovascular services in one facility to support high-quality care, research, education and data management. A surgery addition, cardiac catheterization labs, a pre and post cardiac patient staging area, cardiopulmonary transplant unit, cardiovascular recovery/cardiovascular intensive care unit, two cardiac medicine units and the cardiac intervention unit are all located within the Institute.

Patients who develop heart problems can rely on Baptist for all their heart care needs. Baptist is the only health care system in the Mid-South that offers the full spectrum of cardiovascular care, from non-invasive cardiology to heart transplantation.

The doctors and nurses who make up Baptist's heart program are experienced health care professionals. Cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons on staff at Baptist work with cardiovascular nurses to provide care for a large number of patients every day. They have experience in treating many types of cardiac ailments.

Baptist also believes in treating patients on a continuum of wellness, emphasizing prevention and controlling risk factors. Through rehabilitation facilities, Baptist helps patients evaluate their risk for heart disease, advocates good lifestyle choices and educates patients about heart disease. Baptist provides care for the sick and helps people stop heart disease before it begins.

Leading Cardiovascular Technology

  • First in the Mid-South to perform coronary artery bypass surgery
  • First in the Mid-South to perform cardiomyoplasty
  • First in the Mid-South to successfully implant the HeartMate® ventricular assist device
  • First in Memphis to provide a dedicated resuscitation focus pairing early intervention with a response team in a uniform defibrillator operating system (Medical Response Team)
  • First in Tennessee to discharge a patient home on a HeartMate®
  • First in Tennessee to use the HeartMate® ventricular assist device as a destination therapy (alternative to heart transplant)

Heart and Vascular

Learn more about Baptist cardiology services, risk factors for heart disease and more in the Heart and Vascular Frequently Asked Questions.

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