CONCERN Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was established in February of 1983 as a department of Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation. We provide EAP services for approximately 200 different companies and municipalities. We estimate that our services are available to around 85,000 employees and anyone that lives in the home with those employees. In addition to counseling services, CONCERN EAP provides on-site training and educational programs. Last year, our Trainers conducted over 300 workshops and educational opportunities for our client companies. CONCERN EAP's main office location is in Midtown Memphis and we maintain satellite offices in Germantown, Bartlett and Southaven for the convenience of our clients. We also have affiliate offices across the United States.

Businesses provide EAP services for their employees because it enables employees to have a confidential and cost-free way to deal with any stressful issues taking place in their lives. Employees who have an effective way to deal with personal issues can be happier and more productive in the workplace. Therefore, the EAP is a benefit for employees and employers. Issues that counselors frequently deal with at the EAP are anxiety, depression, stress, loss, anger, couples' issues, and parenting issues. Some problems are big, some are small, but you can bring any size problem to CONCERN EAP.

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Any emails sent will be delivered to a general email box that is not secure, confidential, nor continuously monitored. Any and all emails are solely for general communication and do not constitute a professional relationship between you and CONCERN EAP. You should not send clinical or time sensitive information to this email address. Should you need immediate assistance, please call 901-458-4000 or 800-445-5011 to speak with a member of our staff. Thank you.

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