Diabetes Management Program

Baptist evaluates a person's condition and knowledge of the disease before recommending a plan of care, and make sure that appropriate counseling, peer support, and special information on diabetes are readily available. We also provide classes on diabetes medications, coping with diabetes, nutrition (including eating out and label reading) and exercise. A nurse conducts a post-instruction evaluation, analyzes goals, and makes recommendations for follow-up.

Project Diabetes

In 2007, the Tennessee Department of Health awarded several Baptist Memorial hospitals Project Diabetes grants that enable the hospitals to offer free classes on a variety of diabetes-related topics. Project Diabetes grants were awarded to health care providers throughout the state for education, prevention, and treatment of pre-diabetes and diabetes. The grants are targeted at new, expanded, or innovative approaches to address these disease conditions. The classes are free to Tennessee residents only.

For more information on Baptists Diabetes Management Program and services please contact us.

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