What is the procedure for CyberKnife Treatments?

It's important to discuss treatment options with your physicians, which may include a surgeon and radiation oncologist, to determine if CyberKnife treatments would be beneficial for your tumor(s).

  • Once CyberKnife has been decided as part of your treatment, our team will work with you and your physicians to develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Our team is committed to being with you every step of the way.
  • With the exception of tumors in the brain, spine and kidney, treatment will require the placement of tumor markers called fiducials. These tiny gold seeds are the size of a grain of rice and are placed near the site of the tumor during a short outpatient procedure.
  • Using CT and MRI scans of the tumor site, the surgeon, radiation oncologist and physicist work together to develop your specific CyberKnife treatment plan.
  • Once your treatment plan is complete, our coordinator will contact you to schedule your CyberKnife treatments, which will involve one to five sessions, with each session lasting anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours.
  • During your CyberKnife treatments, you may remain in your own clothes and will lie down for the entire treatment. While the staff must remain outside the room during treatment time, they will always be in communication with you. To help you relax, feel free to bring your favorite CD with you to listen to during treatments.
  • With the exception of brain treatments, you will lie comfortably in a custom-fitted cradle to help you remain still. Some tumor types also require a special mask or vest for added precision. Using the system's advanced software, the CyberKnife robot will rotate around your body to determined locations to deliver radiation.
  • All CyberKnife treatments take place at the Baptist Cancer Center, located at 55 Humphreys Center Drive on the campus of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis. Parking is free and adjacent to the center.

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