For Physicians

The Cyberknife technology is noninvasive treatment used in conjunction with other tools to fight both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. Because the treatment is so precise, it can treat small treatment areas with extreme accuracy, protecting the surrounding health tissues from exposure to the radiation.

The treatment can be customized based on the patient’s condition and tumor location. Information about specific sites is below.

  • Prostate

    The CyberKnife System delivers radiation directly to the prostate in several treatment sessions. This treatment is called prostate stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) or prostate radiosurgery.

  • Lung

    The CyberKnife System offers patients with poor medical conditions or those who elect not to have surgery a minimally invasive treatment for lung cancer. At Baptist, CyberKnife lung cancer treatments are typically performed on an outpatient basis. See our cancer services for more information on lung cancer treatments.

  • Brain

    Baptist can use CyberKnife for inoperable brain tumors that are too difficult for traditional surgery because of their location in the head. These treatments are also beneficial for patients with medical conditions that cannot undergo surgery and is also an alternative treatment for patients that opt not to have surgery.

  • Spine

    Treating spine tumors can be difficult because as a patient breathes they move which makes targeting the tumor challenging. Regular radiation therapy can’t adjust to this movement and can lead to damage of the surrounding healthy tissue. Baptist uses the CyberKnife System to maintain high level of accuracy completely non-invasive for a quicker recovery and more precise treatment.

  • Liver

    Liver tumors present many treatment challenges including the very sensitive tissue surrounding liver tumors that can be easily damaged. The CyberKnife Radiosurgery System delivers a high dose of radiation to primary and metastatic liver tumors with extreme accuracy.

  • Kidney

    CyberKnife’s sophisticated software uses a respiratory tracking system to pinpoint the exact location of a kidney tumor and track its movement. This allows the Baptist team to deliver radiation without damaging the healthy surrounding kidney tissue.

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