Baptist Cancer Care puts the patient first

Patient Care

The Baptist Cancer Center (BCC) offers patients clinical and support services to provide them with the best possible cancer care.

When it comes to cancer, at Baptist we put the needs of the patient first. We strive to provide quality patient care through cancer nurse navigators, palliative care, BCC chaplains, and enterstomal therapists.

Our inpatient units include a medical oncology unit that treats all kinds of cancer and is responsible for providing chemotherapy when it is a prescribed part of the cancer treatment. The surgical oncology unit is designed to help postoperative patients recover in a comforting environment with nurses who specialize in cancer postoperative care. The myelosuppression unit is for high-risk cancer patients who need protection from infection.

No matter where you are in your cancer treatment process, Baptist will be with you every step of the way to help you get better.

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