Senior Behavioral Health Services

As we grow older, we face new challenges: the loss of a spouse, chronic illness and changes in our roles.

When those changes overwhelm, senior adults may experience difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, lost interest in activities and a pervasive sense of sadness. When that occurs, select Baptist facilities offer a supportive environment in which seniors can begin healing.

With a home-like setting, individual and group counseling, family involvement and comprehensive medical care, our programs focus on the whole person and a return to a more meaningful life.

Senior services include:

  • Confidential, free assessments
  • One-on-one counseling and group therapy
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Family conferences
  • Case management and information about community services
  • Individually tailored continuing care plan
  • Follow-up support for one year after treatment

Services in Your Area

For more information about services available in your area, call:
Tennessee 1-800-828-4578
Mississippi 1-800-362-7902

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