Patient Testimonials

Our patients constantly praise our staff for the quality of medical care and support provided at our hospitals. Please see below for some comments we have received.

Quality Medical Care and Support

“The doctors were great. I’m a technical person and like to know what’s going on so I can do my own research. They answered all my questions and were very informative and accommodating.”

--Jacob Culbreath, patient at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown

“I got nothing but reassurance from the staff from the moment I walked in the door. This hospital is the best kept secret in Memphis. The staff is the most caring in the world.”

--Martha Bunn, patient at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown

“I was so pleasantly surprised about the care and personal attention that I saw my beloved aunt Helen receive. Every person seemed truly interested in his/her patients and getting them out of the hospital in good shape, able to resume a normal life.”

--Actress Dixie Carter about Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown

"I had reconstructive foot surgery and an over-night stay at Baptist Rehab–Germantown in August 2002. While I dreaded the surgery, the entire experience was professional, efficient, and comforting. When I think back on the experience, I don’t remember anything unpleasant, only the calm and peaceful feeling the staff evoked on my overnight stay. They were re-assuring and provided everything I needed and requested to set me on the way to recovery. I highly recommend Baptist Rehab–Germantown!"

--Margie Augustine about Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown

"This was a wonderful experience for my child. She talks about it often and has created a Camp Good Grief wall in her room. Thank you all so very much for all the caring you gave."

"Camp Good Grief is the most wonderful experience for kids to help with their healing process." "Thank you so much for offering this opportunity for children. My daughter needed to know she wasn't alone in her grief! Thank you very much."

"This was a great experience for my child. She was really able to express her feelings during Camp Good Grief. Thank you so very much for this wonderful experience."

"Great job! This has been the most beneficial part of my daughters' grieving process. She formed a deep bond with her buddy."

--Parents of children attending Trinity Hospice Camp Good Grief

“All my nurses were great. But there was one nurse I absolutely loved! I felt like I was her only patient. If I needed anything, she was there.”

--Paula Jennings, mother of 9-month-old twins delivered at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women

Don Guthrie has the HeartScore test to thank for improving his lifestyle, and he encourages others to have one.

--Elsie Guthrie about HeartScore

The HeartScore test results led to further testing and bypass surgery for Jim Johnston—a move that prevented heart damage.

--Jim Johnston about HeartScore

“I’d tried three other places before, so when I heard such good things about Baptist, I decided to go there. The people there were fantastic and worked with me to reach a full recovery. They were absolutely great!”

--Bonnie Scott, Obion, Tenn., patient at Baptist Rehabilitation-Union City

“I chose Baptist because I heard awfully good things about the staff from my friends. Now, I’ve recommended them to a lot of people and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them again. They do great work there.”

--David Parks, Union City, Tenn., patient at Baptist Rehabilitation-Union City

“My doctor sent me here, and I couldn’t have asked for better service from the hospital or the rehabilitation clinic. I was very pleased. They did an excellent job.”

--Melvin Vaughn, Obion, Tenn., patient at Baptist Rehabilitation-Union City

"I received excellent care in the Physical Therapy Department. The staff were very professional and attentive to my medical needs."

--Donald Ray Brechears about Baptist Union City

"I will always be grateful for your help in my return to good health. When it comes to nursing, you are truly the best of the best!"

--Dr. Charles Denaburg about Baptist Union City

"My son came to the ER with a broken arm. From ER to Radiology to Surgery, the staff did not show any signs of hurrying or frustration. I know that all areas must have been busy, but we were treated like we were the only patient at the hospital."

--Debbie Greer about Baptist Union City

"My wife gave birth to a baby boy. Throughout our stay, our nurse did an amazing job. We feel that she went beyond her responsibilities and made the birth of our son better than we could have imagined."


--Jason Ladd about Baptist Union City

"When my mother was admitted, she was anxious and emotional. The care and attention she received on admission really helped her and my family."

--Marianne Taylor about Baptist Union City

Praises for Our Staff Members

"Volunteering at Baptist is my way of giving back to my community. It is very inspiring in my daily life and is my way of showing love for my fellow man."

--Margaret Doss, volunteer at Baptist North Mississippi

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