What do people say when they've been part of the Experience Critical program?  Take a look . . . .

"The experience I gained while volunteering at Baptist Collierville was invaluable. I am a Pre-Med student, and the knowledge about how to deal with patients, the ins and outs of how to work like a team, and how to deal with independence in the hospital are all commodities I cherish. Everyone helps you to learn what everything is all about, but expects a lot out of you at the same time. The doctors and nurses will share their stories with you as long as you help them as well. Everyone came together as a team, and I felt an overwhelming feeling that I belonged there. This experience reinforced why I want to become a doctor."

-- Justin Yancey

"Currently a student at the University of Memphis, I am preparing for and planning on going to Medical School. I began the Experience Critical Program in January of 2006. I chose the Experience Critical Program because I knew it would give me the opportunity to see what the ED is all about and get a better idea of what the doctors and nurses do. Through the Experience Critical program I have gained the knowledge of how the ED runs and the experience of being in the hospital environment. I have also learned how meaningful it is to be able to offer someone a warm blanket that might make them feel a little more comfortable when they're experiencing pain. I have truly enjoyed my time volunteering. The time with the patients is such a learning experience. The doctors and nurses have been such a help. I recommend the Experience Critical program to any student with the ambition to go to med school."

-- Nic Watson

"For over the past year, I have been involved in the Experience Critical program at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Collierville. The experience has been extremely rewarding and educational. I never imagined I would learn as much as I have. Not only have I learned about the various aspects of the medical profession and how everyone works together as a team, I have also learned how to be professional and efficient. When I first started, I was somewhat afraid that the program would be worthwhile but not very fun. However, I have found that to be completely untrue. Very often, I am able to be right in the midst of important procedures and observe everything as it is happening. For anyone interested in the medical profession, I would highly recommend this program. If Experience Critical was not as rewarding as it truly is, I surely would not have been volunteering for so long now. I am very glad I decided to be a part of his wonderful program."

--Benjamin Reves

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