Health Calculators

Adult Body Mass Index


Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat and is calculated based on an adult's height and weight.

Calorie Burner Calculator

calorie burner

The Calorie Burner Calculator gives the amount of calories burned based on a person's weight and the type and duration of exercise.

Cost of Smoking Calculator

cost of smoking

Using a person's smoking habits and the price of a pack of cigarettes, the Cost of Smoking Calculator provides the monthly and yearly amounts spent on cigarettes.

Estimated Healthy Weight Calculator

healthy weight

Choose your meals and our Estimated Healthy Weight Calculator will provide a potential exercise regimen to maintain a healthy weight.

Ideal Weight Calculator

ideal weight

The Ideal Weight Calculator figures the ideal weight range for a person based on their gender, body type and height.

International Time Zone Calculator

int time

The International Time Zone Calculator is a fun way to keep track of what time it is in many different countries, like Norway, Portugal or Scotland.

Medication Costs Calculator

medication cost

Do you ever wonder what the cost of a prescription is for a year? The Medication Costs Calculator is a valuable tool to help calculate the cost of prescriptions based on insurance coverage and other variables.

Nutritional Needs Calculator

nutritional needs

Using a variety of information, the Nutritional Needs Calculator suggests the calorie intake and nutritional needs for a person trying to gain, lose, or maintain their weight.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

target heart 

The Target Heart Rate Calculator uses a person's age to determine a person's target heart rate for different times such as during rest and aerobic activity.

US Time Zone Calculator

us time

Is it too early to call? Is it too late to call? The US Time Zone Calculator helps you figure out what time it is in California when you are in New York, what time it is in Texas when you are in Colorado and what time it is in Oregon when you are in Pennsylvania.

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

waist to hip

Based on the size of a person's waist and hips, the Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator calculates their waist to hip ratio and body shape.

Weight Conversion Calculator

weight conversion

The Weight Conversion Calculator converts weight into various quantities, including weight on the moon!

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