Baptist Medication Card

What you write could save your life.

Download and Print Your Medication Card

We've provided three different sizes for your convenience. Choose the one that's right for you. Medication cards are in PDF format.

Baptist Medication Card

If you were in an emergency situation, are you sure you could remember the name of each prescription you’re taking? What if you were unconscious? This is why you need a medication record card.

Using a medication record card is easy — you just fill in what medications you’re taking, the dosage and how often you take them. Then you keep the card with you at all times and update it each time you visit the doctor or pharmacy.

With medication record cards, you can keep track of every medication you or your family is taking. In the event of an emergency, having that information can help save lives. You never know if you’ll be able to communicate what prescriptions you’re taking in an emergency situation, but a medication card can do it for you or your loved one.

Baptist Memorial hospitals are committed to making sure our patients receive high-quality health care — even after they leave the hospital. That’s one of the reasons Baptist wants to make sure our patients use a medication record card to keep that vital information close to them, whenever they might need it.

Start keeping track of your medications today by downloading and printing a free medication card here. Keep it with you, and keep it updated – plus, make sure your loved ones have a copy, too, in case they need to know what medicines you’re taking. Remember, what you write could save your life.

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