Baptist OneCare Link

Baptist OneCare Link

Baptist OneCare© Link is an extraordinary new application that bridges the gap in the electronic health record. It allows providers who are not part of Baptist OneCare to access Baptist OneCare patient records. The result is a seamless line of communication for providers and a complete electronic health record for patients.

How It Works

Authorized parties who need to access a patient’s record will contact Baptist Memorial Health Care to gain sign-in access to Baptist OneCare Link through their web browser. No equipment or programs have to be installed to use this product.

In addition to providing read-only access to your patient’s medical records at Baptist Memorial Hospitals, clinics and physician offices, Baptist OneCare Link offers additional functionality to expedite patient care.

  • Enter orders for outpatient diagnostic studies to be done at Baptist facilities
  • Upload documents into Baptist OneCare Link to exercise more control over patients’ continuum of care (designated file types include EKGs, progress notes, digital images, and much more)
  • View patient information necessary to complete coding for third-party billing
Baptist OneCare Link

Benefits to Providers

Providers and their staff have direct access to their patients’ progress notes, consultation notes, lab and other diagnostic test results, discharge instructions and discharge medications at Baptist hospitals, Baptist Medical Group clinics, and Minor Medical Centers. Secure messaging functions allow confidential physician-to-physician communication. The direct order features include imaging, labs and referrals for physical, speech, and occupational therapy at Baptist hospitals. Scanned documents and other electronic files can be attached to these orders.

Benefits to Billers

Baptist OneCare Link displays a configurable benefits report for the benefit coverage specific to a selected patient. The list of coverage includes types, employer group, carrier/payer, benefit plan, effective date, termination date, member number, relation, covered status, push coverage information, automatic filing order (AFO), and actual filing order (FO).

Automatic Patient List Maintenance

  • Patient lists automatically update when certain events occur (i.e., appointment scheduling, ED visits, admissions, PCP changes, referral status changes)
  • An email is sent to Baptist OneCare Link users notifying them that they can access a new patient’s information (email does not contain specific patient or user info, only a link to take you to the info)

Browser, System, and Connection requirements

You must use one of the following internet browsers to access Baptist OneCare Link:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 through 10
  • Mozilla Firefox 10 and any later versions

On tablets, you must use iPad Safari or Android Chrome browsers.

Baptist OneCare Link requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels. We recommend that you use a high-speed Internet connection to achieve the best system speed and performance. In addition, you need Java enabled to display graphs and scanned images in Baptist OneCare Link.

Please email us at if you have any issues or questions.

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