Frequently Asked Questions

How efficient is Epic? I hear that it will slow providers down.

Epic is the dominant market leader in electronic health records. Over 50% of Americans already have an Epic record. Even with Epic, physicians are advised to expect a 50% reduction in efficiency during the first week of implementation and a 25% reduction during the second week. The majority of physicians currently using Epic report efficiency that matches or exceeds their prior efficiency within the first few months. Baptist will be offering post-Go-Live training that will help physicians maximize their efficiency.

What data will be converted into Baptist OneCare?

Based on physician feedback about what will be required for Go-Live, efforts are underway to map tens of thousands of data elements from over 20 different electronic systems in order to convert 5 years of general lab results, radiology/imaging results, office notes (H&P, Consults, Procedures, & Office Visits) and vital signs as well as 10 years of pathology and microbiology results—all in time for Go-Live. Any data not available directly through Epic at Go-Live, will be available by accessing the existing systems. Data conversion will continue after Go-Live in order to remove our dependence on these existing systems.

Can existing office EHRs be interfaced with Baptist OneCare?

Offices will have access to Baptist OneCare© data for their patients. Structured data transfer from Baptist OneCare to another EHR will include all data specified by federal requirements which currently include medications, allergies, and the problem list. Transfer of laboratory values as structured data is currently not included.

What happens to dictation?

Baptist OneCare will offer more dictation options than are currently available:

  • Full Dictation: Providers who are currently using dictation/transcription for an entire document will be able to continue doing so. This does not include letters.
  • Partial Dictation: Providers will be able to place their cursor in any section of a note (e.g. the HPI or the Assessment & Plan) and click on a microphone icon that will allow them to dictate instead of type. This will be done using a microphone connected to a computer. The words will not appear on the screen. Instead, a link to the recording will be available for anyone to hear until the provider approves the text generated by the transcriptionist.
  • Voice Activated Dictation: Providers currently using Dragon voice-activated dictation will be able to continue doing so on the devices where they have Dragon installed. The words will appear on the screen as they are dictated, and the provider must edit those words right then before they sign the note.

Where can I go for more information about Baptist OneCare?

The Baptist OneCare for Physicians site is designed to be a one-stop-shop for physicians to get relevant information 24/7:

  1. Access BaptistMD as you normally would
  2. Click "More" under the BaptistMD Bulletin Board announcement titled "Baptist OneCare (Epic) Site for Physicians"
  3. Click "Baptist OneCare for Physicians" at the bottom of the announcement

What kind of training is available?

Physician training will be required before using Baptist OneCare:

  • Computer-based training
  • (Completion must be verified before signing up for classroom training)
  • Level 100 Physician Training Classroom Session
  • Level 200 Physician Training Classroom Session
  • Successfully passing the Physician Training Assessment
  • Participation in a Baptist OneCare Personalization Lab

The classroom training will begin approximately 2 months before Go-Live. This training will be done at regional centers rather than in physician offices or Baptist hospitals because of the significant amount of space required.

Will independent practices be able to acquire Baptist OneCare for their offices?

Yes. Physicians who are not employed by Baptist will have the option of acquiring Baptist OneCare as the electronic health record and practice management solution for their offices. This program is called Baptist OneCare Connect.

Will independent practices be able to access the Baptist OneCare system?

Yes. Physicians who are not employed by Baptist and who do not admit patients to Baptist hospitals will have secure access to their patient's health records at Baptist hospitals and clinics using a free web-based tool called Baptist OneCare Link. Providers and their staff will have direct access to their patients' progress notes, consultation notes, lab and other diagnostic test results, discharge instructions and discharge medications at Baptist facilities. Secure messaging functions will allow confidential physician-to-physician communication. The direct order features will include imaging, labs and referrals at Baptist facilities. Scanned documents and other electronic files can be attached to these orders.

I have heard providers should plan to reduce the number of patients we see during Go-Live. I am already scheduling for next year. What should I do?

We recommend adhering to the below chart in regards to workload for the first two weeks after Go-Live.

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Week 1 50% 33% 25% 20% 20%
Week 2 20% Full Schedules

Other things to consider:

  • We recommend running daily reports and open up schedules as soon as doctors start doing well.
  • If the doctor has previously used Epic, then we recommend no schedule reduction.

Will Baptist OneCare allow providers to "copy forward" or "cut and paste" documentation from previous encounters?

There is a delicate balance between the efficiency of using "copy & paste" functionality when documenting, and the unintended consequences of overlooking phrases that require editing. The consequences can be significant, especially in terms of medicolegal risk. Baptist will take both of these factors in mind when deciding what will be best for our patients.

Will I need to purchase new equipment for my clinic if I want to use Baptist OneCare as my EHR?

Yes. You will be given the equipment specifications for optimal Baptist OneCare functionality and end user satisfaction.

Why should physicians use Baptist OneCare?

Baptist OneCare will provide physicians and their patients a truly integrated view of the patient's medical information throughout all of Baptist's hospitals, offices and clinics. It will include tools to expedite patient care and enhance doctor-to-doctor and patient-to-doctor communication. Most of all, it will empower patients and their families to become active participants in managing their own health.

Is there a cost associated with Baptist OneCare?

Baptist OneCare is easily the largest project ever in Baptist's 100+ years of existence. While there is a tremendous cost to Baptist for this program, Baptist will be making every effort to reduce the cost to physicians. Even physicians who are not employed by Baptist will have free internet access through Baptist OneCare Link and the option to acquire Baptist OneCare as their office electronic health record and practice management solution.

How do I preserve my private practice autonomy?

Baptist OneCare will have no effect on the autonomy of your private practice. Rather, it will enhance your ability to provide high quality patient care by giving you and your patients access to Baptist hospital and office records.