Where can I download the MyChart app for Apple iPhones and Android smartphones?

The MyChart app for Apple iPhones and Android smartphones can be downloaded from two sources: the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the MyChart app, scroll though the list of organizations to choose from and select Baptist OneCare© MyChart.

Can I use MyChart to ask my doctor for a prescription?

Yes. Once you have logged into your Baptist OneCare MyChart, look for the tab at the top that says "Refills." If this request is for a new prescription, you will need to speak with your doctor as you may need to schedule an appointment before they can prescribe you that medication.

Can all of my doctors use this to access my medical information, even if they are not a Baptist doctor?

Yes. There are various ways a non-Baptist doctor can access your Baptist OneCare MyChart. If your doctor does not currently use Baptist OneCare Link or Baptist OneCare Connect, you can either pull up your Baptist OneCare MyChart on a computer in their office or use "Lucy" to download your medical record to a thumb drive to take with you.

Does it cost any money for me to use MyChart?

Baptist OneCare MyChart is completely free for our patients.

If I'm a parent, will I be able to have access to my children's medical records?

Yes. Once you have a Baptist OneCare MyChart of your own, you may send in a request for proxy access to view the medical records of patients whose health you are responsible for. Parents commonly use this feature to view their children’s medical records for immunizations, schedule appointments, and send messages related to their children. Adult children can also use this feature to stay informed of, and participate in, an elderly parent’s health care. Proxy access can also be set to automatically expire on a specific date, or only allow a more restricted set of features to the proxy when the patient reaches a certain age (i.e., teen patients).

If I'm a caretaker of an older parent/loved one, will I be able to have access to their medical records?

Yes. Proxy access allows authorized individuals to access the medical records of patients whose health they are responsible for monitoring. Individuals designated as proxies do not have to be patients themselves to view data through Baptist OneCare MyChart.

Is this secure? I'm worried about my personal information being leaked out.

Your lab results, appointment information, medications, immunizations, and more are all securely stored for quick retrieval.

Will I be able to pay my medical bills through MyChart?

MyChart’s billing features provide a concise list of a patient’s accounts along with links to individual statements and bill payment features. Any outstanding accounts will display in real-time information related to those accounts. Patients can also view billing information for any Single Billing Offices (SBOs) in which they received care. E-visits can accommodate copay collection. Patients can pay online through MyChart using their credit cards if the organization chooses to work with a third-party credit card processing vendor. The process is secure and reduces the number of bills, reminders, and receipts generated. Patients can even pre-pay the copay.

Can I send direct messages to my doctor?

Yes. Baptist OneCare MyChart allows patients to interact with an office/physician by requesting consultations or sending direct messages to the provider. The "Inbox" option in MyChart allows patients to message and directly communicate with their physician. Patients should use this feature for the same questions they would typically ask over the phone.