Outpatient Diagnostic Center

Baptist North Mississippi, one of the fastest growing hospitals in the region, is committed to serving the expanding health care needs of the Oxford community. Baptist provides quality outpatient diagnostic services with some of the most advance diagnostic technology available in the region.

Breast MRI

Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer. That’s why Baptist North Mississippi offers breast MRI — to more accurately screen women in high risk groups or who have factors that might interfere with mammography. With a breast MRI, you can now get an expert second opinion, and even an expert first opinion, all in one place.


Normally you would find 3T MRI technology only in neurology departments at large research institutions. Now, though, this same advanced diagnostic tool is available at Baptist North Mississippi for both brain and whole body imaging. It allows us to achieve higher resolution images with less "noise," and thus give us a more accurate picture of any anomalies.

64-Slice Cardiac CT Scanner

Scanning for heart problems has always been limited by technology. It was difficult for many patients to hold their breath long enough to get a clear image. But with our new 64-slice CT scanner, we can now achieve exceptional image resolution in seconds, even on patients who can only hold their breath a short time. With technology like this, you can breathe easier now.

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