North Mississippi Disaster Response (SMAT-II)

The catastrophic effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and subsequent severe storm weather have ignited a renewed commitment in the state of Mississippi to strengthen our ability to respond to a major crisis.

Baptist North Mississippi SMAT-II Disaster Response team

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Among the primary goals is to assure our citizens that when a man-made or natural disaster occurs, they will be able to get the medical services they need to protect their health and prevent the spread of disease.

To accomplish this, the MSDH has developed a State Medical Assistance Team, Type II MEDZ to provide patient decontamination, mass medical care, alternate care facilities, and mass drug distribution points in the northern Mississippi region when disaster strikes.

SMAT-II Mission

  • Decontamination and treatment of mass injuries resulting from natural or man-made disasters, including those involving biological, nuclear, incendiary, chemical, and explosive agents
  • Assist area hospitals involved in disaster response
  • Establish alternate care facilities for up to 50 patients
  • Establish mass immunization/drug distribution/screening centers
  • Establish medical treatment facility for a massive special event
  • Deploy within six hours within region; within 12 hours statewide


MEDZ I is comprised of 38 professionals from northern Mississippi who have volunteered to provide services to support disaster relief efforts. Each team deploys for approximately three days and consists of:

  • 2 physicians
  • 1 physician extender
  • 8 registered nurses
  • 2 licensed practical nurses
  • 1 respiratory therapist
  • 1 pharmacist
  • 1 laboratory specialist
  • 1 mental health specialist
  • 1 environmental health specialist (hazmat tech)
  • 3 law enforcement/protection specialists
  • 5 incident management specialists
  • 4 logistics/communications specialists
  • 3 finance and administrative specialists
  • 5 EMS/decontamination specialists

Other members may also be assigned from outside agencies.


Training is made up of 16 hours initially and 24 hours annually, which includes:

  • National incident management system & incident command system
  • Disaster medical operations response
  • Responder health & safety
  • MEDZ mobile field hospital equipment orientation
  • Other disaster medical subject areas

For more information, please call 662-232-8491.

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