Catering to You

Baptist North Mississippi Is Now Catering to You

Catering to You is Baptist North Mississippi's new patient dining service designed specifically to support patients’ health, quality of life, and the recovery process during their hospitalization.

Shortly after admission, patients are greeted by their catering associate and introduced to the Catering to You service. We personalize your menu selections close to mealtimes based on your needs and desires, adding a special touch to your meal service.

Over the course of each day, catering associates interact frequently with their patients--one hour before each meal to work up a menu, when they deliver trays, during catering rounds to ensure each patient’s satisfaction, and at tray retrieval.

An exciting and unique aspect of Catering to You is that the catering associate is consistently assigned to the same unit, subsequently becoming part of the health care team, working closely with both nurses and registered dietitians.

A Whole Menu of Benefits

  • Patients’ nutritional needs are personally addressed.
  • Patients can choose alternatives to the regular menu.
  • Patients receive everything they want and need at time of tray delivery.
  • Changes in diet orders are made quickly and accurately.
  • Catering associates are accountable for assembling their patients’ trays and ensuring their patients are satisfied with their food and nutrition services.
  • Diet office functions are integrated with nursing services, thus improving patient care communications between nursing and food and nutrition services.
  • Nurses spend more time within their scope of practice.
  • Medical nutrition therapy is continually being addressed.

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