Published on May 08, 2014

Baptist Hospice-Union City Named as Prestigious 2014 HOSPICE HONORS Recipient

Baptist Hospice-Union City has been named a 2014 Hospice Honors recipient, a prestigious award recognizing hospices providing the best patient care as rated by the patient's caregiver.

Established by Deyta, this prestigious annual honor recognizes hospices that continuously provide the highest level of satisfaction through their care as measured from the caregiver's point of view. Deyta used the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care (FEHC) survey results from more than 1,700 partnering hospice agencies contained in Deyta's FEHC database with an evaluation period of October 2012 through September 2013. Deyta identified Hospice Honors recipients by evaluating hospices' performance on a set of eighteen satisfaction indicator measures. The set of questions included only indicator measures, omitting qualifying, leader and demographic questions. Individual hospice performance scores were aggregated for the evaluation period and were compared on a question-by-question basis to a national average score calculated from Deyta's FEHC database.

"We are thrilled to present Hospice Honors for the second year in a row. We are honored to serve such a dedicated industry, and we look forward to recognizing top performers each year for their hard work and dedication," said Kevin Porter, President and CEO of Deyta.

Suzie McWherter, director of Baptist Hospice-Union City, credits staff teamwork, physician engagement, and commitment to quality as factors for being named a 2014 Hospice Honors recipient. She said, "At Baptist Hospice-Union City, we strive to meet not only the physical needs but also the spiritual and emotional needs of our patients and their families."

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Baptist Hospice-Union City Named as Prestigious 2014 HOSPICE HONORS Recipient