Published on December 20, 2010

Baptist Rehab-Germantown Opens New Unit

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. - Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown recently opened a Skilled Rehabilitation Unit for patients who are ready to be discharged from the hospital but not ready to go home or to an outpatient rehab facility.

In the past, a nursing home was the only option for these patients. The Skilled Rehab Unit now gives them another choice for inpatient rehabilitation. The unit, located within the hospital, is designed to help patients return home and regain their independence with no lapse in care. Patients recovering from orthopedic fractures, joint replacements and strokes are among those who can benefit from the unit.

"The biggest difference between our Skilled Rehab Unit and other skilled nursing facilities is that we place a tremendous emphasis on helping patients regain their independence so they can return home and care for themselves," said Rebecca DeRousse, assistant administrator of Baptist Rehab-Germantown. "Our nurses and therapists establish strong relationships with patients and coordinate their care at every level."

Baptist Rehab-Germantown is a 68-bed acute-care facility that offers a comprehensive array of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services designed to allow a patient's complete course of care to take place under one roof. Baptist Rehab-Germantown concentrates on a variety of rehabilitation and diagnostic services, both inpatient and outpatient, to treat many types of injuries and conditions, such as stroke, arthritis, spine and back disorders and injuries, fractures, amputations, and spinal cord and head injuries. Located within the hospital, Baptist Rehab-Germantown's HealthScore Screening Center offers a host of tests to help determine patients' risk for developing disorders such as heart disease, stroke, aneurysm and osteoporosis. The hospital also offers an open MRI machine and the Wound Prevention and Management Center.

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