NEA Baptist Women's Center

At NEA Baptist, patients and families are cared for by a highly skilled health care team that includes anesthesiologists and trained nursery personnel. Anesthesia coverage and epidurals are available in a timely manner for both obstetrical and gynecological surgeries.

The Women's Center offers 14 LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum care) suites where the entire birthing process can take place, as well as suites providing a full spectrum of gynecological services for women.

The nurses and staff of the Women's Center have experience in caring for surgical, chronic, and acute care gynecological patients. The center is designed for gynecology and obstetric patients as well as antepartum and postpartum patients with a spacious family waiting area.

Childbirth Experience

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting, anxious, wonderful, and exhausting experiences in life. Our team wants each mom and family to know that you should expect to be pampered and truly cared for at NEA Baptist.

We can't help but feel special when we are given opportunities every day to be part of a new life. We hope you'll choose NEA Baptist for the birth of your child. That way you can be part of a legacy of miracles delivered daily.

Childbirth Classes

From the earliest stages of your pregnancy, we provide you with the best experience possible as you prepare for a new family member. We offer educational programs to help you and your family through your journey to childbirth. All classes are taught by qualified and experienced instructors in an informal classroom setting that encourages participation.

We recommend childbirth classes for all first-time parents and strongly encourage veteran parents to attend refresher courses. We cover the entire childbirth process, provide a tour of the unit and teach relaxation and breathing techniques.

NEA Baptist breastfeeding and birthing classes are being offered every 2nd Saturday of each month from 9am to 4pm at the Conference Center Room 1 and 3 at NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital. View our current listing of classes.

Breastfeeding Classes

Science has learned what nature has always known: mother's milk is the best possible source of nutrition for newborn babies. We strongly encourage all mothers to seriously consider breastfeeding for the health of their baby. Just because nursing is natural doesn't mean it's easy. We have lactation consultants and trained nurses to help new moms learn how to nurse their baby. We work with moms to help them find comfortable feeding positions, teach baby to latch on correctly, and know if baby is getting enough breast milk.

Birthing Suites

Lovely art. Quiet hallways. Private baths and showers. Comfy chairs. Soft beds. A private steak dinner for two on the patient's last night in the hospital. We provide a comfortable, home-like atmosphere with advanced technology and continuous electrical monitoring – supported by a full range of health care professionals.

Labor and delivery suite at NEA Baptist

Level II Nursery

After delivery, your newborn is taken to our Level II nursery. The Level II nursery is both a special and routine care nursery staffed by neonatal resuscitation program-certified personnel and a certified lactation specialist. The personnel are available to assist with the transition from the hospital to home, including breastfeeding instruction, bathing, and the general care of your newborn.


When you know in advance that you will require admission to the Women's Center, you should go to the hospital's admission office to be pre-registered. When it is time for you to be admitted to the center, you can park and enter the center directly.

For protection of you and your new baby, do not bring children to visit who have: a fever, cough, rash, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, or recent exposure to a contagious disease. Children must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them throughout their visit. Children must wash their hands and wear a special cover gown when in the patient's room with the baby.

Having your Baby at NEA Baptist

Meet Wayne and Kristen Mangrum! They will soon meet their first baby - Miss Allie Mac. Watch this video to learn about their Baby Story and experience at NEA Baptist.

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