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Emergency Services

NEA Baptist incorporates advanced technology and a personal touch in our emergency room to provide patients with high-quality ER care. Our emergency room offers four dedicated heart care rooms that offer direct access to the cath lab and hybrid operating rooms. In addition to regular exam rooms, we offer dedicated trauma rooms and a decontamination room for industrial accidents,. Our emergency department is also staffed with on-site security to ensure the safety of all patients and visitors.

A visit to the emergency room is stressful for everyone involved, especially if you do not know what to expect. To help relieve some anxiety, NEA Baptist provides answers to some common questions and concerns regarding a visit to the emergency room.

When Should I use the Emergency Room?

It is important to remember that true emergency situations typically have a small window of care. This means that the sooner you are seen by a medical team, the better your outcomes may be. This is especially true for patients who may be experiencing signs/symptoms of a heart related event or stroke.

AR SAVES (Arkansas Stroke Assistance through Virtual Emergency Support)

In 2015, NEA Baptist soon implemented a program that provides life-saving emergency care for stroke patients in Northeast Arkansas through the use of tele-medicine technology.

The program, called AR SAVES (Arkansas Stroke Assistance through Virtual Emergency Support), uses a high-speed video communications system to help provide immediate, life-saving treatments to stroke patients 24 hours a day. The real-time video communication enables a specialized stroke neurologist to evaluate whether emergency room physicians should use a powerful blood-clot dissolving agent within the critical three-hour period following the first signs of stroke.

The AR SAVES program is a partnership between the UAMS Center for Distance Health, the state Department of Human Services, Sparks Regional Health System in Fort Smith, NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital and 45 other Arkansas hospitals.

What Happens When I First Arrive at the Emergency Room?

When you arrive at NEA Baptist's emergency room, a triage nurse evaluates your condition. “Triage” is the first stage of evaluating the type of illness or injury you have and its severity. If you have a life-threatening condition, treatment is administered immediately. If your condition is not life threatening, the triage nurse will ask you questions that help the physician and nurse treating you. The questions they may ask include:

  • What brought you here today?
  • Do you suspect you are pregnant?
  • What was the date of your last tetanus shot?
  • Are you on medication?
  • Are you allergic to any medication?

After evaluation by a triage nurse, an emergency room staff member prepares a chart for you including information such as your name, date of birth, and social security number. You are asked to sign a consent form for treatment. After this chart has been completed, you may be asked to wait in an emergency room waiting area until an appropriate room is available.

How Long Will I Wait?

At NEA Baptist, we try to get you into a treatment room as quickly as possible. We see patients based on the severity of their illnesses and the triage nurse makes that determination. Examples are:

  • Critical care: Because these patients are often in a life or death situation, we must treat these patients first—even if they arrive after our other patients whose conditions are less urgent.
  • Special needs: Depending upon the specific needs of your illness or injury, you might be placed in a specialized treatment room. If these treatment rooms are occupied, you might have to wait longer than patients with other ailments until the room is ready for use.

Who Will Provide My Medical Care?

At NEA Baptist, you receive medical care from a local team of qualified physicians and our partners, NEA Baptist Clinic. They understand the anxiety you have as a patient and do their best to try to alleviate your concerns.

In addition to your initial evaluation by a physician, X-ray processing and laboratory testing might also be used in determining your diagnosis and treatment.

Our emergency department is equipped with experienced physicians and staff capable of stabilizing, treating and managing any condition or illness that is presented.

If a decision is made to admit you to our hospital, it might be necessary for the physician on call to come to see you in the ER.

Can I Have Visitors?

NEA Baptist offers an open visitation policy - visitors may accompany you while you are being treated. There are times in which visitors may be asked to wait outside of the room, allowing our staff to provide the care and attention needed for the patient.

What Happens After I am Treated?

After you have been treated, you are monitored to make sure the treatment is successful. A staff member goes over written instructions regarding the care you need once you leave the hospital. You might be referred to a private physician for follow-up care or admitted to the facility.

Following your visit, you may receive a phone call asking about your visit and to answer any additional questions. For that reason, it is important that our staff is provided with the best contact information to reach you. Should you have questions following your visit, you may call us at 870-936-1150.

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