Most Heart

Is Your Heart In The Game?

Who Has the Most Heart?

Even after the big game is over, the challenge is just beginning. High blood pressure is one of our community's most serious problems. It increases your chance of heart disease and stroke — two of the leading causes of death among both men and women.

If saving your own life isn't enough incentive to get healthier, how about $5,000?

Baptist has partnered with the American Heart Association to let TSU and JSU fans compete to see who can take control of their health by checking and improving their blood pressure. We’ve made it easy to enter and monitor your own progress, and the winning team earns a $5,000 scholarship for their school. The scholarship will be given to the winning school to give to a student of its choice, who meets the Baptist Scholarship Guidelines. The scholarship will be awarded in the 2014-15 academic school year.

The "Who Has the Most Heart Challenge" kicks off September 14 and ends March 14. Six months to a healthy scholarship and a healthier lifestyle.

Just click your team's logo to enter

Then over the next six months, monitor your weight and blood pressure and update your information twice a month — the AHA will even send you reminders if you forget!*

Enter for TSU
Enter for TSU
Enter for TSU

The winner will be the team most active in monitoring their health. Check back here for regular updates on who's winning!

*If you aren't able to check your own weight and blood pressure, you can visit one of Baptist's free community health screenings.