Clinical & Support Services

Baptist Memphis offers patients clinical support and support services to provide them with the best possible cancer care.

Clinical Support Services

Enterstomal Therapy

The enterstomal therapist cares for patients with:

  • Bowel/bladder diversions after the surgical construction of an artificial excretory opening, such as a colostomy
  • Pressure ulcers, radiation burns and incontinence
  • Surgical wounds, abscesses and devices that drain fluids from wounds and cavities

Staff provides patients and their families with education in the above areas as needed, as well as a phone number to call for questions. The team can assist patients on an outpatient basis if necessary.

Pharmacy Services

The goal of pharmacy services is to provide optimal drug therapy for all patients and to help ensure high-quality, cost-effective care. The following services are provided:

  • Patient assessment for drug therapies
  • Review and monitoring of nutrition therapies delivered both through and outside the intestines
  • Medication order screening for drug-drug and drug-food interactions, therapeutic duplication and drug allergies
  • Pain therapy consultation and monitoring
  • Drug information
  • Anticoagulation therapy monitoring
  • Patient education
  • Accurate and responsive drug distribution services

Palliative Care

Baptist Memphis offers one of the nation’s few hospital-based palliative care programs for terminally ill patients. Palliative care is a new medical and nursing specialty devoted to relieving pain and suffering by providing physical, psychological and spiritual comfort to patients who have complex or challenging problems associated with a serious illness. Palliative treatment eases the physical and emotional distress associated with the disease. Any acutely ill patient may be a candidate for palliative care when the focus of the care turns from cure to comfort.

Cancer Nurse Navigator

In 2002, Baptist Memphis became the first hospital in the Mid-South to offer a nurse navigator for cancer patients — giving patients the personalized support and information they need from diagnosis to follow-up care. A nurse navigator in this program is an experienced nurse specializing in cancer, who guides a patient through the cancer journey by doing the following:

  • Educating the patient, family and staff by providing facts about diagnosis, treatment plans and available resources
  • Coordinating care with other health care disciplines such as pharmacy, dietary, social work, case management, chaplain and other health care teams
  • Counseling the patient and families and providing emotional support throughout the course of care
  • Facilitating support groups, educational programs, workshops and seminars
  • Networking with agencies, societies and community services related to cancer issues
  • For more information about the nurse navigator program, please call 901-226-4567.

Support Services

Social Work Services

A social worker is available on the oncology units to assist patients and families with discharge planning. Assessments will be made for home health, hospice, assisted living, nursing home placement, retirement living, medical equipment, outpatient treatments and transportation.

The social worker is also available for counseling regarding adjustment to the disease process and life changes, end-of-life issues, living wills and durable power of attorney and disability, or social security and employment. The social worker also addresses financial concerns and can refer patients to appropriate community agencies. Physicians, staff members, patients and families can make referrals to social work services.

Hospital Chaplains

Spiritual and emotional needs of patients, their families and hospital staff are addressed by the department of Pastoral Care at Baptist. The department's chaplains serve the Baptist Memorial hospitals in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas, and interact with 230 volunteer chaplains in the Baptist system.

When life-threatening medical emergencies, deaths and other crises occur, the chaplains respond to offer comfort and spiritual and emotional counsel. Chaplains facilitate numerous support groups for patients, families and staff. They conduct Sunday morning worship services at Baptist Memphis. These worship services are seen over closed-circuit television. Literature such as daily devotions, prayer books, grief books and children's books are provided by the department.

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